With NettiKulta's price guarantee, you always get the highest price

Price guarantee

Do you want to be sure that the price of the precious metals you sell is the highest possible?

We recommend that those who are considering selling precious metals compare prices offered by various gold traders. The differences in what companies that buy precious metals are willing to pay can be very large, especially when it comes to larger quantities of precious metals.

NettiKulta has worked in the market for precious metals for many years and we guarantee the highest price for gold, silver and other precious metals.

We have made it easy to sell precious metals and get the best price

If you have received a quote from another company that buys precious metals, it is enough to send a written quote to us and we will calculate a better quote for you. However, it should be noted that we do not accept the price list from the company that buys precious metals as a price offer, but the stated price must be based on the company's actual offer for the items you want to sell.

The price offer you receive must show the name, date and time of the company that made the offer, the weight and carat of precious metals and the total price offered. Based on this information, we can calculate your maximum bid for the day. Customers have received up to 1 € / gram more through our guarantee.

NettiKulla's price guarantee is not just a price guarantee at the best price. It also guarantees a knowledgeable service that thousands of customers trust. You can visit us in our store in Helsinki, we are not just a company with a post box.

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