The buyer operates under the company name NettiKulta, Y-2494243-0, which markets itself under the name NettiKulta ™ and on the website www.nettikulta.fi. NettiKulta ™ buys scrap gold and other materials and objects in various forms such as plates, coins, rings and other jewelery and objects through various marketing channels. The terms of this agreement and the information on NettiKulta kot's website form a whole for NettiKulta's terms, which NettiKulta ™ implements in its purchase agreement.


Customer refers to the party who enters into an agreement on the transaction, receives the transaction amount and owns the objects sold to NettiKulta ™. The customer's information is stored in NettiKulta's system. NettiKulta which purchases the Objects in the form of gold or other material used in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, hereinafter referred to as "Object", from legal or private persons and consumers as referred to above as "the customer".

The sales agreement ™ refers to the contract that NettiKulta ™ sends to the customer on the basis of the order and the customer returns it filled in to NettiKulta ™. The sales agreement shall include the terms of the trade between the parties in its entirety, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Security package ™ means a combination of the sales agreement ™, the security bag and the return envelope, which is sent to the customer as a package for the completion of the transaction.

Objects refer to the objects that the customer delivers to NettiKulta perusteella on the basis of the purchase agreement for the execution of the transaction. The value of the goods is determined on a case-by-case basis based on estimates by NettiKulta's own and external experts.

When you buy items as a material, e.g. gold, in this agreement, gold means the pure amount of gold with the removal of stones and other metals, as well as objects and parts that are not gold. The entire gold value is based on the weight of gold calculated as well as its gold content.


In order to enter into a sales agreement with etti NettiKulta ™, the customer must be at least 18 years old and manage himself and his property. The Customer must be the legal owner of the Sale Items and the Customer must have an unlimited right to transfer ownership of the Item with all rights to NettiKulta ™.

The customer must have a Finnish bank account and the account must be in the customer's name. By establishing the agreement, the customer confirms that he is the rightful owner of the goods he sells and that he fulfills the above conditions for the customer.


If the customer wants to sell their gold or other items, he or she receives a so-called "security package" via the customer's NettiKulta ™ website or by telephone, which includes a sales agreement form, a security bag and a return envelope that the customer must use when sending the item or items. to NettiKulta. Ordering a security package via the Internet or a customer service phone is completely free.

NettiKulta ™ and the customer establish an agreement on the sale of gold and other items (Sales agreement site) so that the customer fills in a pre-printed sales agreement that is delivered as part of the security package ordered by the customer from NettiKulta ™'s website or by phone.

The customer fills in the minimum information required by the agreement and returns the signature part of the sales agreement to NettiKulta ™. At the same time, the customer sends the goods it sells to NettiKulta uksella according to the sales agreement. Contracts and items for sale The goods are sent in a safety bag so that they cannot be opened and closed unnoticed. NettiKulta ™ has added a customer number to these which they use to identify customers during deliveries.

Each shipment is insured up to 5000 euros. If the customer wants to sell a larger amount of gold to NettiKulta, it is necessary to contact customer service, where the insurance value can be increased from case to case.

The agreement is binding on both parties after the customer has returned the completed sales agreement and the receipt of the sales agreement and the items for sale after receipt by the representative of NettiKulta ™. In that case, the agreement shall be deemed to have been entered into in a manner that is binding on the parties.

Upon receipt of the shipment from NettiKulta ™, it opens the security bag, weighs the amount of gold or otherwise evaluates the items and materials and pays the corresponding price to the account specified by the customer in the sales agreement as described below. NettiKulta ™ has the right to document the events at its own discretion.

NettiKulta ™ has the right to refuse to act in accordance with the sales agreement and to purchase the item or items if the shipment has been damaged, opened, changed or closed incorrectly, or if the agreement has been fulfilled in violation of the instructions.

The right to the objects included in the consignment is transferred to NettiKulta siitä as soon as the object or objects have arrived at NettiKulta yes and the representative of NettiKulta ™ has opened the consignment. In this case, the agreement is considered to have entered into force and NettiKulta ™ is obliged to pay the transaction amount to the customer in accordance with the agreement. NettiKulta ™ acquires the ownership of all property included in the shipment, regardless of the property's quantity and quality. Items and other material for the evaluation are stated from the shipment. When you buy gold or other metals as raw material, the shipment is separated from the metals for weighing, and NettiKulta ™ is not responsible for damage to objects caused by this separation. The customer understands that the parts to be separated from the objects may break or be lost during the separation. Detachable parts will not be returned to the customer.

If the customer declares his dissatisfaction with the price paid by NettiKulta tavalla as described below, the transaction will be terminated and the ownership of the goods will be returned to the customer when he has redeemed the returned goods in cash upon delivery and paid the additional fees described below.

The customer has the right to cancel the "Security Package" that he has ordered by notifying NettiKulta ™ within 14 days of receiving the shipment. The exercise of the right of withdrawal is conditional on the returnable "Security Package" being unused and reasonably reusable with the packaging.


The customer bears the risk during the shipment and transfers it to NettiKulta ™ when the shipment has arrived at NettiKulta ™ and its representative has opened the shipment in the manner mentioned above.

NettiKulta ™ undertakes to be responsible for the registered shipments sent to NettiKulta with a pre-printed and prepaid letter sent to the customer in connection with the NettiKulta ™ security package. The letter is sent insured and any damage is reimbursed in accordance with the insurance. The amount of damage is considered to be a maximum in accordance with the insurance amount and a maximum of 5,000 euros, unless the customer states otherwise.

NettiKulta ™ is not responsible for deliveries and any damages if the customer has not complied with these terms in the sales agreement or the separately issued operating instructions.


NettiKulta ™ determines the purchase price for the Goods, discounts and any costs, and alternatively on the basis of the price that the parties have agreed on in an individual case. This is the trade price paid for the goods.

The price for precious metals for the day is based on the purchase price determined by NettiKulla on the day of receipt of the items. Our purchase price level is 60-98% of the current world market price of the precious metal, depending on the quantity and precious metal content of the precious metal sold.

The examples of prices shown on NettiKulta's website are model examples and are not a promise of the amount to be paid to the customer. NettiKulta's price guarantee guarantees the customer the highest price. If you have received a quote from another company that buys precious metals, it is enough to send us a written quote and we will calculate a better quote if possible. Read more about NettiKulta's price guarantee

When we buy gold or other precious metals, the weight is weighed only for the precious metal part. The precious metal content is determined by a professional used by NettiKulta ™. For weighing, the stones and fillers implanted in them, such as resin and other sections, are removed from the objects. Removal can damage the objects and when removed, stones, pearls and other sections can be lost or broken, and NettiKulta eikä is not responsible for damage to the object or damage to the customer. The independent parts of the objects belong to NettiKulta ™.

NettiKulta ™ pays for the goods no later than 8 hours after receipt of the delivery in accordance with the customer's agreement. Payment is made via bank transfer to the bank account specified by the customer in the sales agreement, which must be owned by the customer.

Interest on arrears is calculated for the unpaid payment 14 days after the date when NettiKulta ™ received the goods sent by the customer, if neither party exercises its right of withdrawal.

The promotional price 24K only applies to UBS-stamped gold plates for investments that come with a certificate of authenticity and are limited to a maximum of 5 g / customer.


If the customer does not accept the price paid by NettiKulta, he must notify NettiKulta ™ by telephone or e-mail within three (3) banking days after NettiKulta ™ has paid the items to the customer. If the customer has not announced that he will cancel the transaction within three (3) banking days, the transaction is considered to have taken place at the price paid and NettiKulta ™ can digest the items or otherwise process the items to be traded as desired. Payment is considered to have been made at the moment when the money has left the customer's account, unless the customer has previously been notified of the amount to be paid in another way. The customer is obliged to prove the cancellation of the transaction within the agreed time. In addition to gold objects, the provisions on cancellation of trade and return of objects also apply to non-gold objects.

If the customer announces that he cancels the transaction, or if NettiKulta ™ does not complete the purchase for any reason, the transaction is considered canceled and the ownership of the item / items transferred back to the customer when the customer has redeemed cash on delivery and refunded the purchase price paid by NettiKulta yhteydessä. Cash on delivery is sent with a shorter waiting time.

NettiKulta ™ has the right to charge a handling fee for returning the customer's item. The fee is 30 euros. In addition, NettiKulta ™ has the right to pay a debt in connection with the goods returned in cash upon delivery in addition to the above-mentioned handling fee, the amount it has already paid to the customer for the goods or goods.

If the customer does not collect cash upon delivery, the goods are stored in NettiKulta ™ possession for three (3) months from the return of the delivery. If the customer requests an item that has already been returned to NettiKulta ker once, the customer must make an extra payment for storage to the NettiKulta one before leaving or returning the item. The surcharge for uncollected transports is 25 euros, which in addition to the other fees mentioned above must have been paid before the return can be made. In addition, the customer is obliged to pay interest in accordance with the Interest Act for the customer's performance.

Ownership and right of use of the item that is returned to NettiKulta jälkeen after cash upon delivery is transferred to NettiKulta ™ in its entirety when three (3) months have passed since the product arrived at NettiKulta ™. Under no circumstances is NettiKulta ™ responsible for returned shipments if the Item or Items are damaged or disappear after the deadline.

If the transaction is canceled and the items are sent to the customer, the customer is responsible for any damage that may have occurred to the items and the delivery.


The customer has the opportunity to get back gold and things without value for free as a first class letter. If the customer wants to exercise this right, he must write a free form request in the sales agreement. In this case, the customer's transaction remains valid for items containing precious metals and the gold and useless items will be returned to the customer by post as a Class 1 letter.

If the customer states that he or she wants to return all gold-free items and parts of the items as a post-insured item, NettiKulla has the right to charge a return fee of 20 euros.

Gold-free objects and parts of objects mean e.g. gold-plated jewelry, gold-plated jewelry and removable stones. In this context, gold-free objects and parts of objects do not mean the gold-free parts of objects that NettiKulta ™ does not have the opportunity to easily remove as part of the evaluation process. Gold-free objects also do not mean the packages, bags or boxes that the customer has sent their object for evaluation of.


NettiKulta ™ has the right to verify the authenticity, quantity and value of the object or objects. During verification, chemical and technical tests can be performed on the object or objects. The verification is done by NettiKulta's expert.

NettiKulta ™ is not responsible for damage or possible deterioration, wear or reduction of the value of the object that may occur for the object or objects during verification of authenticity and performance of tests. If verification of authenticity gives NettiKulta ™ reason to doubt the authenticity or origin of the object or objects, NettiKulta ™ may cancel the purchase. If the transaction is canceled, no payments or credits will be paid to the customer.


NettiKulta ™ maintains a customer register where the information is used e.g. maintain and manage the customer relationship and marketing in the ways described in the register description. By entering into an agreement, the customer accepts and approves the processing of their personal data as described.


A message sent by NettiKulta ™ by letter to the customer shall be deemed to have been received no later than seven (7) days after the letter has been sent to the customer's home address. A message sent by NettiKulta all via SMS to the customer shall be considered received no later than the day after the transmission, if the text message has been sent to the customer's mobile number that NettiKulta ™ has given to the customer for communication. The e-mail sent to the customer is also considered to have been received by the customer no later than the day after the shipment.


NettiKulta ™ makes a criminal report for all actual or attempted conduct and other inappropriate activities. NettiKulta ™ can register information in an appropriate register in the event of abuse or incorrect activity or to prevent it in advance. NettiKulta ™ has the right to submit a criminal report for abuse, handling of stolen goods, fraud and their attempts. NettiKulta on has the right to provide necessary information about completed and canceled transactions to the police authorities and to give the police access to NettiKulta asiaka's customer system. NettiKulta ™ will exercise this right to the extent deemed necessary by the local police authority.

To prevent abuse, NettiKulta kan can document the delivered items and the opening of transports. These recordings are used by NettiKulta ™ in an appropriate manner to detect abuse.


NettiKulta ™ has the right to make a verification call to the customer to confirm the customer's identity and / or the price that NettiKulta ™ offers for the goods received and to confirm the accuracy of the information provided. NettiKulta ™ also has the right to record a telephone conversation with the customer. A control call is only made to a telephone number that has been entered in advance and / or is owned by the customer.


NettiKulta ™ is not responsible for damage caused by force majeure. Force majeure is considered to be an unpredictable circumstance or change of circumstances which is beyond NettiKulta yes control and which NettiKulta ™ cannot reasonably be avoided or overcome. NettiKulta ™ is obliged to notify the customer of force majeure as soon as possible.


The customer is obliged to report in writing any errors or other deficiencies in the trade or service under this agreement within a reasonable time and in any case within two months of the discovery of the error or omission, and at the same time state any claims for the error or omission.


NettiKulta's liability is determined by mandatory legislation. The customer is obliged to prove quantitative damages and is obliged to limit the damage to a minimum.

The Customer is liable to NettiKulta ™ for all damages and costs caused by the Customer in violation of the terms of the agreement or other negligent or fraudulent conduct.


The contractual relationship between NettiKulta ja and the customer is regulated by Finnish law. In matters concerning the agreement and its conclusion, as well as in disputes, the customer must always contact customer service and seek a friendly solution. If a disagreement arises between NettiKulta ja and the customer, on which the parties cannot reach a memorandum of understanding through negotiations, they can, if they wish, take the matter to the district court. The case will then be tried in the Helsinki District Court and in Finnish, unless mandatory legislation provides otherwise.


Sell more than 10 g of gold and get a gift card of 10 € S as a bonus. The promotion applies to the sale of gold by post.